Welcome to the official web site for NYC based actor MATTHEW PRESTON
BIO: Matthew is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. He is an actor for film, TV, web and theater. Preston is primarily known for his work on the Horror movies My Bloody Valentine 3D and Sorority Row. In 2010, Preston hosted a live red carpet special for The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. He is also a graduate from The New York Film Academy and a member of SAG-AFTRA.

EVENT: Matthew is the monologue show The Dog Logs. Performances are January 23rd - 25th, January 30th - February 1st. Matthew is in both cast shows. Tickets for CAST A can be purchased HERE. Tickets for CAST B can be purchased HERE .


PHOTO CREDITS: Becky Thurner & Alpha House Theater

CONTACT: matt.preston@aol.com

AGENT: Stefanie Field///stefanie@stefanietalententertainment.com///908-276-1031

MANAGER: Kathy O///kathyomgr@comcast.net